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Exclusive Service

Unlike many other techniques that work repetitively on the tissues,

I apply gentle, non-invasive stimuli that help the body to relax.

Not only the temporary measures of my touch do the work, but the body itself is encouraged to do the work.

I take care in recognizing the individuality of every client’s need as an independent, dynamic system of muscles and connective tissue.

With the help of trained neuromuscular methods, that work primarily through the nervous system on a structural and muscular level, I address the whole body.


My clients return regularly for preventive health care and health maintenance as a search for effective support in maintaining and improving performance even in special life circumstances, such as pregnancy or athletic achievements.

International therapist

Everyone needs time to find their way back to serenity.

Whether you are an agent/manager and you are looking for the ideal therapist for your protégé.

Or if you are the High Performer and would like to take advantage of my professional hands.

Feel free to contact me and I will support you wherever you are.

My personal passion and dedication in every session will leave you speechless.

You can be more powerful again in what you do, whether as a musician, athlete, actor or anything else.

I look forward being a therapeutic guide for you on your tour and in your life.

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