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  • Triggerpunkt - Massage

    Myofasziale Verspannungen werden mittels gezieltem Druck gelöst. Die Durchblutung wird gefördert, Abfall- und Giftstoffe können abtransportiert werden, Schmerzfreiheit entsteht.

  • Tiefengewebs/-Faszienmassage

    Mittels hohem Druck in die tiefen Gewebsschichten der Muskeln und durch dynamische Bewegungen wird Ihr Körper es Ihnen danken, neue Impulse gesetzt zu bekommen. Aus als Deep Tissue Massage bekannt.

  • Fußmassage

    Nerven, Faszien und Meridiane bündeln sich in Ihren Füßen. Durch eine Fußmassage fühlt sich Ihr Körper wieder geschmeidiger an - Ihre Füße werden Sie dafür lieben!

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    YOUR BODY IN GOOD HANDS As an experienced massage therapist and fascia trainer from Frankfurt am Main, I understand health integration and harmony as essential holistic healing methods. My clients experience positive effect in not only the physical, but also to the emotional, cognitive and spiritual planes. Get your burnout prevention Hippocrates "The natural healing power in each of us holds the greatest power for recovery."

  • Pain Therapy |

    Pain Therapy • Mobility analysis ​ • Therapy of pain areas ​ Due to one-sided and insufficient movement, the muscle and connective tissue of our body of our body loses elasticity, becomes brittle, agglutinated and the brain puts it under tension as a protection against overload. ​ The greatest damage is caused by the fact that we put too little strain on our muscles, tendons and joints: ​ "Stretch and change your posture as often as you can"! ​ By applying pressure to specific areas, I manipulate your pain states. Lightness of the affected part sets in. ​ The painful area and the surrounding structures feel immediately relieved and lighter again.

  • Über mich | Trinity

    WHO I AM AND WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU Cedric Nüsser - BA health economist, massage therapist, pain therapist, movement therapist, fitness trainer (A license) I have been helping my clients since 2015 thanks to EMS, functional fitness and exercise therapy for better health and well-being. At the beginning of 2018 I decided to use my knowledge as a massage therapist and fitness trainer to pass on. What I enjoy the most is to create an unique experience for my clients. What keeps me working in therapy is the joy when I see the impact of my clients after my work. ​ My job is my passion and I give 100% in every session. ​ ​ ​ My vision : To train your physical awareness for long-term and sustainable freedom from pain.

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