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  • Rücken- Massage

    Im modernen Alltag sitzen wir mehr als 10 Std. täglich, was zu muskulären Fehlspannungen sowohl in der vorderen- als auch in der hinteren Muskelkette führt. Ich helfe Ihnen aus dem Teufelskreis heraus. Wohltuend bei Verspannungen in Rücken, Schulter und Nacken.

  • Fußmassage

    Nerven, Faszien und Meridiane bündeln sich in Ihren Füßen. Durch eine Fußmassage fühlt sich Ihr Körper wieder geschmeidiger an - Ihre Füße werden Sie dafür lieben!

  • Sportmassage

    Je nach Sportart legen wir den Fokus zusammen auf den gewünschten Körperbereich. Verspannungen und Blockaden im Körper werden erkannt und intensiv bearbeitet. Akute und chronische Beschwerden werden stimuliert und der Körper zur Selbstheilung angeregt --> hold and release - Spannungen in gewünschter Partie wird reduziert.

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    YOUR BODY IN GOOD HANDS As an experienced massage therapist and fascia trainer from Frankfurt am Main, I understand health integration and harmony as essential holistic healing methods. My clients experience positive effect in not only the physical, but also to the emotional, cognitive and spiritual planes. Get your burnout prevention Hippocrates "The natural healing power in each of us holds the greatest power for recovery."

  • Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung | Trinity

    WORKPLACE HEALTH PROMOTION Every employer in Germany has the opportunity once a year to use a tax and social security-free amount of a maximum of 500 euros per employee. It acts like a completely normal cost item, i.e. tax-reducing. This amount can be posted as a tax-exempt part of the employee's income. The tax exemption per employee is based on Section 3 No. 34 EStG and Section 52 (4c) EStG in conjunction with the new regulation of the 2009 Annual Tax Act of December 19, 2008 Federal Law Gazette (page 2,794) BLESS YOU AND WELL-BEING IN THE COMPANY PAY FROM Office massages are an important part of workplace health promotion in your company and can offer employees and employers effective benefits. In this way you can specifically promote the health of your employees, customers or business partners. Your company will stay healthy, vital and active in the long term and satisfaction and motivation will be strengthened. ​ Whether for guests, business partners or your own team - a short but effective event massage relaxes and creates the best possible conditions for a successful appearance. You will not only ensure more relaxation, but also leave a lasting impression. BENEFITS FOR YOUR COMPANY • Reduction of sick days through effective prevention • Lowering the stress level • Satisfied, relaxed and motivated employees • Increased willingness and ability to perform • Good communication, strong team spirit • Increased identification with the company • Good working atmosphere • Harmonious work-life balance

  • Leistungen | Trinity

    SERVICES Relax @ home VITALITY My goal is to provide you with the highest form of relaxation, relief, and well-being to ensure your health and vitality in the long-term. INDIVIDUALITY My unique sense of style distinguishes my massages; well-founded training, numerous years of excellence and intuitive leading offer you an individually tailored massage based on your needs and complaints. QUALITY It is integral that only high quality and absolute natural oils and lotions are being used. These olfactory impulses act on the autonomic nervous system and lead to a structural and functional reorientation. I treat you in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office.

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